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Message From the Principal

Welcome to Fountain of Knowledge School (FKS). FKS is situated at the heart of the dynamic city of Addis Ababa. Our community is warm, friendly and offers the highest standards of Education.

"Running for Excellence," is the motto as well as the vision that we thrive to achieve. Excellence is the sum result of qualified instructors, competent administration, comprehensive curriculum, modern facilities, and inspired students. As the principal of FKS, my duty is to implement a continuous and never ending improvement of these five inputs.

Coming from an Ethio-Italian family, and having the opportunity to live in various countries, I experienced an international educational system from the beginning to my Masters in Business Administration (MBA). I received my MBA with honors from the ‘Institute of Administration’ of Clermont-Ferrand, France; after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade and Languages (French, English, Spanish and Italian) from the ‘Université Toulouse II’, France. I decided to move to Ethiopia and join FKS after serving as the vice-principal of St. Nicolas School in Toulouse, France.

  I intend to establish FKS as a prominent institution where students are prepared to enter internationally recognized universities all around the world. More specifically, our English/French bilingual program allows our students to be equally accepted to Anglophone as well as Francophone universities.

We are justifiably proud of our academic performance, but we are actually aware of our obligation to prepare young people to make their way in the world as confident, caring and responsible citizens.

Good schools are built on the effort of good people, and our teachers and students are among the very best. Why not come and judge for yourselves? We would be delighted to meet you.

Silvia FEO, MBA

School's history

Fountain of Knowledge School was established in 2001 (GC). It is one of the leading private schools in Addis Ababa. It disseminates modern education based on international standards and reflective of traditional core values.

This unique and advanced approach aims at satisfying the need to receive high quality education. As a result of study and sustainable growth of the student population, our school has become increasingly vibrant and inspiring. A three level administration setup for the Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary school, offers high level functionality and convenience under one umbrella.

Vision, Mission and Objective

Our vision is to become center of excellence up on fulfilling educational inputs that help  produce educationally productive, problem solving  and socially responsible citizens who are successful at home and renowned internationally in terms of their educational competence and success.

"Running for Excellence," is the motto that sums up our school’s vision concisely. FKS is commissioned and fully dedicated to deliver a quality education to each and every student. This dedication is demonstrated by the extra length we go to ensure deep knowledge and skills and behavioral change as well in each and every subject of the curriculum the school offers.

Our Mission is to produce knowledgeable, inquisitive, productive, attitudinally changed and well mannered citizens who are capable of building their country through the attainment of quality education which is reflective of the educational inputs fulfilled, based on internationally accepted norms reflected in the curriculum designed by the Ministry of Education

Subjects such as art, music, French, IT (Information Technology), HPE (Health and Physical Education), and TD (Technical Drawing) are 100 % fulfilled with the necessary material and instructional expertise as importantly as all the other basic subjects. Furthermore, students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities of various clubs that promote the building of well-rounded personalities relying up on holistic approaches.

We always aim to instill the core values which include integrity, dignity, honesty, loyalty and discipline in the minds of students starting from their young age up to adolescence. These values are also strongly established in our Pre School teachers, assistants and baby sitters. Every teacher is well trained knowledgeable, skillful, competent and dependable. Teachers constantly consider the students’ social, mental, physical, psychological and academic development and background while interacting and communicating with them.  Thus, FKS’s purpose is to teach and raise well disciplined, mannered, and informed students. Our purpose is fulfilled when students are able to make conscious decisions that would enhance the growth and success of their future educational advancement and career development.

School Compound

Our school compound is overly spacious. It is open to all students and sports multifaceted activities. An ideal multipurpose court facilitates such activities as handball, volleyball, and basketball.

In addition to a volleyball field, there is a separate soccer field also designed to facilitate more space for gymnastics. Two playgrounds are exclusively reserved for preschoolers and students of grades 1-4.

Beautiful grass and trees cover the landscape. Indigenous trees and exotic plant species remain ever green throughout the year. Students’ environmental club adds tremendous value to the landscape by planting additional trees and caring for them frequently.

A designated agricultural vegetation field is available in the school backyard for students to witness the process of planting, caring and growing of vegetables as done by the school’s gardeners.

Come and visit our school

Our school is located at CMC, in Bole Sub city, Woreda 8.
You have two ways to access our school

  1. CMC road opposite St. Michael Church, road behind the overpass taking to FIGA
  2. FIGA intersection, road taking to both CMC main road and Michael Church

It is exactly located opposite St. Michael Church, on the road that runs between the Previously United Nations Darfur building and Wegagen Bank

Telephone: +251-116-454919/20
Mobile: +251-942-185-949
Email: contact.fks@gmail.com
P.O.Box: 257 CODE 1110
Addis Ababa